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Drozdovka River

Freshwater Russia: Drozdovka River

July 2018

4th week on Drozdovka. Group consisted of 6 guests from Finland, 5 of whom visited Drozdovka for the first time.
During first 3 days weather resembled tropics: up to 28C in shadow, clear sky and light west wind. Not a salmon weather at all. Water dropped drastically and reached normal summer level.
Fishing run became slower but fishing itself stayed good, though a bit harder. Fish preferred small flies, escaping big heavy spring ones.
Love for fishing with single handed rods resulted for Finnish anglers in some big losts and rethinking about their gear.
Despite all advice of the Camp staff, guests used single handed rod of 7 weight. Over 1m salmon bit at Corner pool, reeled off the backing and went over the island in the bay. It took long time to push it back to the pool. However, right after coming back into the river, fish dashed to Azuro and was off. Anyway, stop the maneuvering of such a fish with a single handed rod of 7 weight and 0,37mm leader is hardly possible. As a result, the leader was broken.
Almost the same story took place on the next day at Waterfall, what caused unpacking of double handers. And in the next breath we landed 92cm salmon in the outflow from Firewood. However, fish tried to run away through rapids to Birches, but thanks to double hander and 0,43mm leader wd managed to stop it.
Though not all anglers heard the lesson, however 7 weight single handers did appear on the river since that time.
The results of those first 3 days in tropics were 14 salmon: 4 grilse, 6 salmon over 80cm and 4 over 70cm. Not bad for such weather.
On the fourth day of fishing it rained and air temperature dropped till 15C. Fish became more active, it jumped and bit.
2 trophy salmon said goodbye by easily breaking 0,33mm leaders. 79cm salmon was landed at Corner, plus one grilse on Firewood.
Fifth day was devoted for testing pools above Waterfall up to second Waterfall. Fish passed first Waterfall but it seems it didnít pass Kauketzjavr lake. On the inflow to the lake and on Trout pool big trout of 60cm ran the show, which means lack of salmon here. We managed to observe and catch salmon only below the Kauketzjavr lake on Canyon pool. The result of that day was 3 salmon: 2 grilse and 75cm salmon on Finn pool.
Last fishing day was rather funny. At night they tried again 7 weight single hander. Nice fish bit on Azuro and dashed downstream. The trial ended up with broken line right at backing. However, it was not the end of the story. Later the line was seen floating at the end of the pool near the rock island and it seemed that fish was still on. Esko accurately take the line, tied it to the backing and tighten it. Fish was still on! The fight started again and took long time. Finally fish was landed. It turned out to be a fresh 20lbs salmon! That day brought 3 more fish: 2 grilse in the inflow to the lake and 78cm salmon on upper Rock pool. One more fish was not counted, as it was somehow hooked by tail. The fight was spectacular!
Fishing stays rather hard. The best flies were as usual: Golden Killer, Sunray Shadow and Willie Gunn.
As a result 22 salmon was caught by 6 guests:
Grilse - 8 fish;
70-79 cm - 7 fish;
80-89 cm - 5 fish;
90-99 cm - 2 fish.
The biggest salmon: 92 cm and 94 cm.



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