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Parana Gipsy

Freshwater Center & North, Argentina: Parana Gipsy

February 2018

The weather was pretty good, with majority of clear days and scarce wind, very warm between 82 and 100 F which made the best hours out very early in the morning and late in the afternoon. The advantage living on board is that during the warmest hours of the day anglers can come back, have lunch and take a knap in their air conditioned rooms.

The temperature of rivers and streams was stable around 75 and 82 F with a special clarity in the water that made favorable the use of artificial. They’re all at their best flow and level which make excellent structures and an increase of captures both in size and quantity.

The average of landed fish is 15 per angler of sizes between 2 and 9 Lbs, also is normal to encounter some fish of 9 to 13 lbs up to 17 lbs in 3 or 4 fishing days.
Beneath trees there was an excellent activity of Pira Pita around 6 lbs, which were captured with flies like Chernobyl.
Also there’s a very good fishing in the overflows using floating line and surface flies such as poppers, titanic or mouse.



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