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Astove has become synonymous with the largest flats-caught GT’s in the Indian Ocean

Trip Overview

Astove has become synonymous with the largest flats-caught GT’s in the Indian Ocean. Its shallow lagoon and small entrance, surrounded by sheer drop-offs makes the experience truly unique.
This lagoon is a sanctuary for both juvenile and trophy-size fish that feed on the shallow white sand flats that line the inside of the lagoon.
Astove is small and is surrounded by coral flats with deep drop-offs on the flats edge allowing predators easy access.

Not only does Astove have large GT’s but it also has an equally impressive bonefish, permit, bluefin trevally, triggerfish, barracuda and milkfish population. With the numbers of permit caught ever increasing from season to season, if you are after achieving a “Grand Slam” this should certainly be your destination of choice.

Seychelles is typically hot and somewhat humid with midday temperatures hovering at ±90 ̊Fahrenheit. The main fishing season runs from early October to the end of May.


The charter flight departs IDC hangar and lands on Astove three hours later. On arrival the group will be transferred to the lodge where orientation and tackle set up begins. After lunch guests can start fishing with an unguided session on foot before sunset.

A typical fishing day goes as following:
Breakfast is served at 7.30 hs and fishing begins at 8.30 hs. Lunch is packed for each group and is enjoyed while out on the flats during fishing. Anglers will be back at the lodge at 17.30 hs, but can continue fishing unguided until sunset by themselves near the lodge. Dinner is served at 19.30 hs.


To ensure that the atoll stays pristine, Astove Island Lodge only caters to six guests per week.
The newly renovated lodge is very comfortable, accommodating its guests in single air- conditioned and en-suite rooms that surround the central courtyard. The lodge has a comfortable lounge as well as an indoor and outdoor dining area for guests’ relaxation in the evenings.
Guests will enjoy attentive service as well as exquisite dining. The menu usually comprises of an English breakfast in the morning, a packed lunch choice to take to the flats and a Creole buffet dinner served in the dining room.

Tackle and Flies

Reels: for saltwater and a good brake system, 20 pound test backing for line #8 and 30 pound test for lines # 10-#12 and # 14.

Lines: for saltwater and tropical weather for rod #8 Wt, WF floating line; for rod # 10 Wt, WF floating line and 300-350 grain sinking line; for rod #12 Wt and #14 Wt, 400-600 grain sinking line.

Leaders: 9 feet and 20 pounds of fluorocarbon or monofilament tapered leaders. Fluorocarbon spools of 15, 20, 40, 60, 80 and 100 pounds.

Flies for GT, Bluefin and Dorado: EP Blue Back Herring; EP Peanut Butter Olive/Polar; EP Peanut Butter Gray; EP Anchovy; EP Mackerel; Rainy´s Bubblehead Green Yellow; Rainy´s Bubblehead Olive/Silver; Leftys Deceivers; Large Clousers; etc. Hook # 2/0 and # 3/0.

Flies for Bonefish: Gotcha; Crazy Charlie; Bonefish Special; Spawning Shripms; Bo ogle Head; Borki´s Bonefish; etc.. Hook # 4 and # 6.

Flies for Permit: Del´s Merkin; EP Floating Crab; AVALON´s Fly; Bauer´s Crab-Tan; Rag Head Crab Tan; etc..Hook # 4 and # 2.

Flies for Billfish: FPF Ballyhoo blue/pearl/red; FPF Hot Fish; FPF Black Attack; Billfish Popper; FPF Squid; Leftys Deceivers; etc.. Hook # 5/0 and # 6/0.
Turbo Popper with hook # 6/0 or Klingon Billfish Fly also with hook # 6/0 or Flashy Profile Billfish Fly.

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2018 USD 10,152.-

~ Per person, sharing boat and room. ~

Rates include: Private charter flight, 7 nights accommodation with all meals included, six full fishing days, soft drinks and wine with dinner, laundry.

Rates do not include: International flight, Mahé accommodation and transfers, health insurance, Conservation Donation (USD 175), fishing equipment and flies, additional excursions and beverages, gratuities.

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